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This message represents a second welcome, though hopefully not the last, to recent participants in this online discussion about Bankruptcy law. This particular Blawg, as the name implies, was created to foster communication among Members of the Bankruptcy Law Subcommittee of the DuPage County Bar Association. For those joining us by way of the DCBA listserv, we’re happy to have you and urge you to spread the word among Bankruptcy practitioners, wherever located, so that we can have a robust and lively discussion. As already mentioned, this Blawg is produced by M. Hedayat & Associates, P.C. and is brought to you courtesy of the DuPage County Bar Association. Finally, our gratitude to the people who made this Blawg “official:” Chairman Tom Else, Esq. and DCBA power-brokers Jackie Hamler and Gloria Norton. Your support has made this possible and you are rightfully thanked. Now, let’s keep blogging …

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