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U.S. 6th Circuit, 7th Circuit & 11th Circuit Court of Appeals

6th Circuit
Bli v. USA Farm Serv. Agency (10/13/06 – No. 05-2292)
Appeal dismissed for lack of subject matter jurisdiction where appellant-debtor’s R. 60(b) motion was a nullity so district court had no jurisdiction to consider it, and no valid notice of appeal had been filed from original final order of the district court.

7th Circuit
In Re: Maurice J. Salem (10/10/06 – No. 05-1914)
Dismissal of Chapter 13 petition and plan affirmed where: 1) petitioner’s notice of appeal was adequate; 2) conversion from Chapter 7 had been attempted in a district other than that in which the underlying case was pending without being transferred; and 3) bankruptcy court did not abuse its discretion or make errors.

11th Circuit
US v. White (10/11/06 – No. 05-15857)
Invalidation of government’s assessment of tax liability following confirmation of defendant’s Chapter 11 plan is reversed over defendant’s claims that the court erred as to the effectiveness of the automatic stay.

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