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The Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division recently announced the formation of a Bankruptcy Liaison Committee designed to

[P]romote communication about Court procedures, etiquette, filings and other issues, and to assist the Court and attorneys in creating a more efficient environment.

Efficiency; I like the sound of that. What else will the Liaison Committee do?

the Committee develops and sponsors education programs concerning issues affecting the bench, attorneys, financial institutions, and consumers [and] creates social opportunities to allow greater interaction between the Court and those who appear before it.

I”m sold. But wait, there”s more (my favorite part)

The Committee provides an opportunity to relay issues, concerns or ideas anonymously[to] be presented to Bankruptcy Judges for their review and consideration.

Not contained in the notice was any indication that suggestions would actually be taken by the Judges; only that they would be considered.

Okay, time to take off my ‘cynical committee veteran’ hat. For the record, I have the highest hopes for this committee. I believe it is a great idea. However, after having been involved with and chaired bar association and court-based committees for some time now, I fear for its effectiveness.

By all means however, if you get involved with the Committee or make suggestions through it please let us know. We’d be happy to work with you to spread the word and would be even more interested in what (if anything) comes of your efforts.

See Committee Member List in Box to the right >>>>

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