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Developing Your Custom E-mail

Downtown Workshop at the Metropolitan Club

Monday, August 11, 2008 // 8.30am – 11.00am

Time to take the training wheels off and lose that comcast, yahoo, or prodigy e-mail address. Using a professional email address with your firm name speaks volumes of your image and dedication to your work. Attend this session to learn how to secure your personal domain and start using it right away! Many solo and small firm attorneys still use e-mail addresses like CubsFanESQ@A0L.com or JhnSmithEsq@YAH00.com when John@SmithLawFirm.com makes more sense and is more professional. This seminar can help you get from there to here.


Sessions open to not more than 10 attendees and include a continental breakfast. To register, call 888.528.3364 or e-mail LawTech Partners. The non-refundable fee for this session ($99) is required in advance. Checks are accepted but reservation are not guaranteed until receipt. Registrants can also call Adriana Linnares at 407.583.6811

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