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eat the rich

according to a story by Rob Lever (AFP-Washington) referring to an article in Forbes magazine, the U.S. economy is apparently too successful at creating outsized wealth for some while leaving a growing number of citizens in the proverbial dust. the author points out that the market for super-premium luxury items such as Porsches and Maseratis, as well as yachts and mansions, is at a level not seen in 100 years, and so is the level of philanthropy. Forbes says the US was home to at least 400 billionaires in 2006, and market research firm TNS concluded in 2005 that at least 8.9 million households were worth at least one million dollars.

while all this seems to point to a wealth-generating economy (which, generally speaking, is the point of an economy after all), many claim that the wealth in question comes at the price of leaving more and more people behind. so what’s the reality of the situation?

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