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equity stripping + foreclosure (go together like peanut butter + jelly)

A friend sent me a copy of a video on the New York Times website and it really cheesed me off. Then I remembered that to residents of the Big Apple, Chicago is fly-over territory so there”s no need to do any actual research or solicit more than the shallowest level of detail for a story.

Case in point: I represent one of the defendants referred to in this video. If you watch this short clip, the reporter comes off as even-handed, and the work seems well researched; but therein lies the false promise of the Times. Every story has an impartial patina over a left-of-center agenda (just listen to the quiet, soulful piano in the background that says “feel sorry for me, they”ve done me wrong”). I happen to know first-hand that the interviewee in this piece is only telling -Ohm the story, but since she”s the only one talking that”s how the world will see things (also because the Times says so). The New York schmaltz machine has proven once more that its bias knows no bounds.

Ed. Note: Hey New York Times — next time you pretend to research a story consider checking the public record. If you had done so here you would have found my name and I could have given you the real deal. Of course that viewpoint would not have fit neatly into your world view so you wouldn”t have printed it anyway, right?

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