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Generating Business with Your Content

John Jantsch author of Duct Tape Marketing has this solid advice for people who have content on their hands that isn't generating new business: which is pretty much anybody who's been around for a few years. As a lawyer for 15 yeas I can sympathize, having literally thousands of pages and millions of bytes worth of information I'll never use again. Why let it go to waste, right? Read the full post to get the details but here is the upshot:

  1. Guest-Post: Offer to post on others' blogs; invite them to do so too
  2. Host a group: A forum, discussion group, blogging circle, whatever
  3. Invite friends: Meet real people at actual events (“Tweetups” etc.)
  4. Co-Branding: Basically this means ghost-writing or “white labeling”
  5. Create Events: Like #3 but you would be the master of ceremonies

Of course these ideas have also been floated before so they sound a lot like marketing buzzwords, but this guy writes a monthly column in Wired that really resonates with me (it”s not bull). So it's worth a quick read. Also, all of the suggestions involve actually interacting with other people as opposed to just writing or providing content so if you're not a people person but still want to make an impact by sharing content, try contacting someone who is good with people and work together. It's better than letting your work gather dust.

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