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I Want To Believe! or Will The Bankruptcy Liaison Committee Become Another Toothless Suggestion Box?

Like many you may be asking what the Bankruptcy Liaison Committee is and what it does. According to the Court’s website the committee was formed (about a year ago) to

promote communication about Court procedures, etiquette, filings and other issues, and to assist the Court and attorneys in creating a more efficient environment.

The committee aims to

develop and sponsor education programs concerning issues affecting the bench, attorneys, financial institutions and consumers.

And to

allow greater interaction between the Court and those who appear before it.

And finally to (big finish)

relay issues, concerns or ideas anonymously … [to be] presented to the Bankruptcy Judges for their review and consideration.

Really? Am I to believe that these elite ex-lawyers with absolute power and jobs for life will be the least bit interested in the opinions of peons, like your humble narrator, over whom they have total control? Is anybody buying this as anything but an excuse for big-firm lawyers (and the U.S. Trustee no less) to further cozy up to the powers that be? Yeah – that ought to level the playing field.

But I digress. Look, I agree that the Bankruptcy Liaison Committee is a worthy attempt to bridge the listening gap between bench and bar. I only hope that it does not share the fate of the other well-intentioned groups that preceded it – only time will tell. In the meantime, congratulations and Godspeed to the members of the 2008-2009 committee (please try to get something accomplished – thank you).

R. Scott Alsterda (Chair)
Ungaretti & Harris LLP


Lester A. Ottenheimer III
Ottenheimer Teplinsky Rosenbloom


Kurt M. Carlson
Tishler & Wald, Ltd.


Steve Potts
Steven S. Potts, Attorney at Law


Richard Craig Friedman
United States Department of Justice

Office of the United States Trustee


Adam P. Silverman
Adelman & Gettleman, Ltd.


Terri M. Long
Law office of Terri M. Long


Patricia K. Smoots
McGuireWoods LLP


Berton J. Maley

Codilis & Associates, P.C.


Thomas E. Springer

Springer Brown Covey Gaertner & Davis, LLC


Leslie Cohen Mc Gregor

Urban & Burt, Ltd.


Xiaoming Wu

Ledford and Wu


Hon. Carol A. Doyle, Chief Judge

Hon. Susan Pierson Sonderby

Hon. Bruce W. Black

Hon. Eugene R. Wedoff

Hon. Jack B. Schmetterer

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