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In re Anderson,10-3828 (J. Squires)

IBLB Exclusive!

Wheaton lawyer David J. Boersma recently took on the great and powerful Glenn Steans, Lisle Chapter 13 Trustee and … won? At least that’s how it looks. I just got off the phone with David and he was characteristically humble. The issue before Judge Squires in the matter of In re Anderson was this: Is social security part of the Debtor’s “income” for purposes of a Chapter 13 Plan? Judge Squires answered “No” in this case. Boo-ya. At the moment I’m still combing through David’s 2 massive briefs. He says he poured over 1,000 pages to win this argument and I believe him. Contact David at attorneyboersma@sbcglobal.net to congratulate him, then jump on Pacer and check out his briefs … so to speak Anyway, congratulations David.

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