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Bankruptcy In re Stuart M. Hanson d/b/a Hanson & White, LLC, 09-04820

Adversary Michael Deady v. Stuart M. Hanson, 09-00457

Issued October 14, 2010 By Judge John H. Squires

For Plaintiff: William P. Suriano, Esq.

For Defendant: Robert R. Benjamin Esq. & John M. Brom, Esq.

Trustee: Gina B. Krol, Esq.

The Upshot: Motion to Amend judgment order is not a second bite at the apple. The points of law and fact being referred to in the moving party’s pleadings must be placed before the Court so that the Judge is not forced to dig through the record. The outcome here was the same as the outcome in the companion case of Grant, LLC v. Hanson: motion denied.

Download and view the Opinion in .pdf format here.

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