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In re Netzel, 08-046723 (ND IL ED) (J. Doyle)

Issued: January 20, 2011 by Judge Doyle

Case #: 09 B 46723, 10 A 01292

The Issue: Whether an individual creditor has standing under § 523(a)(4) to bring a direct action against directors of an insolvent corporation for breach of fiduciary duty.

The Story: Debtor owned a plumbing company. Plaintiff claimed that Debtor breached his fiduciary duty to creditors after the plumbing company became insolvent due to the diversion of company funds to pay for the Debtor’s personal debts. Creditor claimed that the debt was non-dischargeable in bankruptcy under Rule 523(a)(4). The court held that the individual creditor lacked standing.

Also a good walk thru on Illinois law about “Special Circumstances Fiduciary Duty.”

Click here to view and download the opinion in .pdf format.

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