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In re Vincent E. Lorenca & Alina T. Lorenca, 09-32962

In re Vincent E. Lorenca & Alina T. Lorenca, 09-32962

Issued January 29, 2010

Judge Jack B. Schmetterer

Summary The U.S. Trustee brought a Motion to Dismiss pursuant to 11 U.S.C. § 707(b)(3). Debtors objected and asked that they be allowed to keep their investment property. The Court noted that being able to keep said property would defeat the purpose of the Code, which makes debtors pay what they can to creditors. Accordingly, Debtors will be given six weeks to divest themselves of their investment property, convert to Chapter 13, and file a plan. Otherwise, the Motion to Dismiss will be allowed and their case dismissed.

View and download the opinion in PDF format here.

1 Response
  1. Me

    First off, “Investment Property” means “Making an income from the property” We are not making any profit from it. We are losing money every month on it actually. Also, a luxury? I didn’t know that having a roof over your head was a luxury. The amount that the state allows for a house is a joke. With a family of 5 that type of house would not work at all.

    So take this and shove it you know where!

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