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iPhone OS4 … multitasking at last!

As reported here, Apple finally announced what we had all suspected and hoped for – the next operating system for the iPhone 3Gs (OS4) will be out this summer and include respectable multitasking. You read that right. This is the next iteration of software for the 3Gs iPhone. Owners of mere iPhone 3G and 2nd generation iPod devices apparently don’t rate with Steve Jobs. Oh well. Still time to buy a 3Gs phone before iPhone 4 comes out later this year and makes everything I just wrote about obsolete. How much of a tool would you feel like then?

Based on the breaking news surrounding this topic OS4 will

Be more business a/k/a “enterprise” friendly including new mail application

Introduce a folder structure for the ever-growing list of Apps on your phone

Enhance always-on location-aware applications like Foursquare, Twitter, etc.

Permit Skype and VoIP applications to stay on in the background (for a change)

Bring on new features like a so-called “Game Center” as well as iBooks support

Begin to promote the iAd platform for mobile advertising introduced by Apple

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