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is the DOJ really in a jam?

Remember Dan Rather? How about the accusations he lobbed at the President on the CBS Evening News during the last election? Does anybody still think the news is an unbiased report on world events rather than a partisan media voice in the culture wars? Whatever the answers, the Tiffany Network has decided to continue savaging the Bush administration even in Dan’s absence; to wit, this story on their website about the Attorney General and the so-called “Attorney Firing Scandal”

the effort by the White House to undermine the professional class of lawyers at the Justice Department has been rumbling like thunder for years. The Administration’s forced brain drain threatens its stature … we now are hearing about how nonpartisan federal lawyers who make up the backbone of the department have been squeezed out by ideological and intellectually weak attorneys chosen more for their partisan views and political connections than for their ability to offer unbiased and sharp stewardship over the nation’s federal laws.

So if I understand this correctly, CBS is defending the integrity of lawyers as the “nonpartisan … backbone of the [Justice] department” charged with providing “unbiased and sharp stewardship”? Dan Rather is not pleased.

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