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one Happy Meal, hold the contempt finding …

This recent item has to do with the reaction of a bankruptcy Judge in Florida to a Chicago lawyer who referred to that Judge on the record as a few fries short of a happy meal. The Judge subsequently issued a Rule to Show Cause stemming from that comment.

What ensued among members of the legal blogosphere was sympathy for … the lawyer! That’s right: the Internet was veritably a-twitter with posts warning that Judges may go too far when they take umbrage to such remarks.

Uh … did I miss something? Is this bizzarro world where hamburgers eat people and cats chase dogs? Is there anyone who doesn’t think the lawyer in question goofed by being so offhanded? My response to the original item was this (and I stand by it)

To think I used to ask myself why my foreign-born and raised clients didn’t ‘get’ our legal system. There’s your reason right there. If you were to set these events anywhere else in the world the lawyer in question would be in irons (literally).

Moreover, where I was born he (there are no ‘she’ lawyers there) would also lose his family and his freedom. Yet I notice the bulk of discussion in the blogosphere has centered on the propriety of the JUDGE’s actions.

Oh, come on people. Just because we are trained to argue every point to death does not mean that we should. The lawyer screwed up and should be punished. Let it go already.

Enough said.

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