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privacy? what privacy?

Think you have a right to privacy? Think again: check out the data that banks, credit card companies, landlords, employers, and others can obtain about you at the push of a button courtesy of this report on The Consumerist.

Employment Report
ChoicePoint (866) 312-8075
Check Writing History Report
ChexSystems (800) 428-9623
Shared Check Authorization Network (800) 262-7771 Fax: (800) 358-4506

TeleCheck (800) 835-3243.

Residential and Tenant Reports
ChoicePoint: (877) 448-5732

Safe Rent (888) 333-2413

UD Registry (818) 785-3905
Medical History Reports
MIB (866) 692-6901
Insurance Claims Reports
ISO A-Plus Report (800) 627-3487
Note: under the Fair Credit Reporting Act you’re entitled to one of each report per year for free
The “Other” Consumer Reports [Privacy Rights Clearinghouse]

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