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In Re Weaver, 08-8046 [Sep. 17, 2008]
In a decision involving an attempted appeal from a decision under the BAPCPA, a petition for leave to appeal is denied and appeal is terminated where 1) without resolving the jurisdictional question the court exercised its discretion under section 158(d)(2)(A) to deny leave to appeal; and 2) allowing the appeal to proceed may not have served the purposes of section 158(d)(2), i.e. a rapid and definitive resolution of the underlying legal question.

Richmond v. NH S.Ct. Comm. on Prof. Conduct, 07-2671 [Sep. 19, 2008]
In a bankruptcy case involving an underlying obligation relating to attorney disciplinary proceedings, the holding that an order to pay costs of bringing disciplinary proceedings cannot be discharged in Chapter 7 bankruptcy is affirmed because the award of costs qualified as a non-dischargeable discretionary penalty under the terms of 523(a)(7).

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