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revision to Judge Hollis procedures

Judge Hollis’ office recently revised its application for approval of fees in Ch. 13 cases. Now

Cases filed on or after May 1

Attorney must file fee application per General Order No. 07-02. Fees up to $3,500 will be awarded through completion of the case without itemization as long as the application reflects that debtor entered into a Model Retention Agreement.

Cases filed before May 1

Attorney must file an application with itemization of time in 1/10th“s of an hour unless they choose Option A or B for flat fees per the Court”s Standing Order of 9/28/05. Other than filing fees, expenses must be detailed on an attached sheet together with a photocopy of the receipt for each expense or other proof that it was actually incurred and paid. Photocopying shall be limited to 10 cents/page absent proof of greater actual expenses. Detailed itemization of documents photocopied, including number of pages, must also be included.

See new procedures to apply for Ch.13 fees before Judge Hollis

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