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Sony Bravia NX800 HDTV

If Apple made TV's they would look like the Sony Bravia NX800 HDTV ($2,300-$3,500 available March 2010).

Full HD 1080p, edge LED-backlit LCD screen ranging from 46-60-inches, Motionflow 240Hz technology to ensure smooth on-screen motion, integrated Wi-Fi, and ambient light sensor, Internet Video and Internet Widgets, Bravia Engine 3 video processor, and support for photos, music, and video playback via USB and DLNA.

Now that's what I call a Valentine Day's gift.

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  1. Richard West

    Now, if my clients tried to buy one and say it was just a normal household item, I am sure my trustee would be filing a turnover action to get it.

    Have not had that yet, but my clients have not disclosed one on the property schedules.

    I am a board certified bankruptcy attorney in Ohio, http://www.debtfreeohio.com, and enjoy your site.

  2. ledtvscreens

    This TV has a smooth motion and a sharp picture. Sony made sure that behind this elegant television lays a technology that produces and ensures that every image stays smooth with Motion Flow 240 Hz Technology. Don”t worry about blurs when watching fast action sports, movies and games because you don”t have to. Sony makes sure of it.

    Experience full HD and 1080p and powerful HD surround with the Sony BDV E570 Blu ray disc Home Theater System. Stream a wide variety of internet and personal entertainment wirelessly or make your iPhone or iPod into a remote control by downloading a free application. Access a wide variety of movies by just connecting to the internet or to your DVD Player. Also enjoy you music, TV show and images with these new TV!

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