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Henderson Square Condo. Assoc’n v. LAB Townhomes, LLC et al.
Citation: 2015 IL 118139 Opinion Date: November 4, 2015

After LAB Townhomes, the developer of Henderson Square, made false sales claims, built shoddy units, and engaged in fraud and negligent conduct in order to sell units, the Condominium Association sued it under the Chicago Municipal Code’s prohibition on the use of material misrepresentations, as well as Illinois case and statutory law relating to breach of the implied warranty of habitability, fraud, and negligence.

Following an initial defeat in the Trial Court based on allegedly filing late, the Appellate Court and eventually the Illinois Supreme Court determined that the bad actions of the developer permitted a longer time-horizon for the Plaintiff condo owners to pursue their rights.

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United States Supreme Court, Docket: 14-116 Opinion Date: May 4, 2015

Appellant Bullard filed a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy case and proposed Plan. The Debtor’s mortgage lender objected to the treatment of its claim under the Plan and the Bankruptcy Court sustained that objection, denying confirmation of the Plan with leave to amend.

First Appeal

The Debtor appealed the denial of confirmation to the 1st Circuit Bankruptcy Appellate Panel, which concluded that denial of confirmation was not a final, appealable order under 28 U.S.C.158(a)(1). Nonetheless, the BAP heard the issue as an interlocutory appeal – the operative provision in the Bankruptcy Code requiring “with leave of the court.” Tha BAP agreed that Bullard’s proposed Plan did not accord proper treatment to the mortgage company and upheld the ruling of the Bankruptcy Court.

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