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This post was prepared by yours truly, with contributions from Phil Bradford, a financial web content writer. Phil graduated from New York University School of Law and recently joined Herald University as a reporter. He has also written for websites such as debtfreeguys.com and disabilitycanhappen.org

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Those who’ve exhausted their financial options or are unable to meet obligations due to illness, divorce, job-loss, or other life-altering events, may consider filing Bankruptcy to get their life back on track.  Here is a quick-guide to help you navigate the process with the help of a good Bankruptcy Lawyer:

Basic Types of Bankruptcy

The most basic distinction when thinking about Bankruptcy is the one between a liquidation (Chapter 7) and a reorganization (Chapter 13 for most people). Whether you need to file a Chapter 7 or 13 case will depend on several factors, including:

  • Total “household” income
  • The value of your property
  • What you stand to lose
  • What you intend to keep

That said, below you will find a few of the most important points when considering if Bankruptcy is right for you.
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“90% of the credit cards lawsuits are flawed”

As the economy continues to sputter and consumers gasp for air, credit card issuers have been developing a strategy to cope with the chaos. Will they be offering longer terms? Lower interest rates? Perhaps rebates to long-time, loyal customers?

What? Me Worry?

Why bother trying to meet your customers half-way? If you’re a credit card issuer you have no downside. Are you out of money? Grab a taxpayer bailout.Have unemployment and bad debts skewed your risk profile? Jack up interest rates. Who’s going to stop you, right?

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According to the American Bankruptcy Institute, interpreting the data supplied by the National Bankruptcy Research Center, the number of consumer bankruptcies filed last month was 11% lower than it was last year. That fact is also consistent with the 2011 trend of fewer new filings each month than in the same month of 2010.

All of which sounds promising until we remember that last month 113,432 Americans still had to file bankruptcy to ward off severe financial turmoil, much of it due to their upside down mortgages and ever-sinking home values: trends that have not changed in 2011.

According to ABI Executive Director Sam Gerdano, consumer bankruptcies are declining due to the deleveraging of credit card accounts by consumers and the fact that new credit is so hard to get. 

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